Week 1

1 – In our first discussion we were mainly tossing up whether the game would be focus on a casual audience or a hardcore, this was an important starting point for us as many of our ideas steamed on which player we were trying to please. Eventually we we leaning more towards a casual game for people to play on the go or while on the bus to kill time.


2 –picture-cdsdg


After the review of the shoot em up games we narrowed down the key ingredients most were using. The above image is the most important PX’s from each of the games we looked into, this gives us a good idea and understanding of what has worked in the past.


3 – The PX goal’s we derived from the review helped inform our decision as well as discussion between our group as well as the other studio at our table.


4 –

Cognitive. Some of the games we looked into pushed for memory to be one of the main focuses this is done through memorizing boss patents and level layout this could be a focus for our games once we have a better understanding as a whole what our goals will be.


Creative. Another possible PX we are looking into currently is experimentation, the goal of this PX is to give the player the chance to experiment with their loadout when playing though.


Physical. Physical PX were seen as the most important as many of them are important to the experience of a shoot em up. Speed, stamina, agility and reflexes are all fairly important for creating a good we are looking for.


Emotional. Emotionally we aim to give the player an experience where they are fighting for their new record given this we are most likely going for fear.


Social. Socially we aim to create a competitive game through leader boards while also not forcing people to be competitive.


5 – All the listed PX are aimed to deliver a good game for the player base we are focusing on.


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