Week 2

Task 1:


During this weeks workshop, a lot was discussed, thought about and debated in terms of what our SHMP will contain. Our team has decided on a sky theme for our game, with the player controlling a fighter in the clouds. Some ideas of what game objects would be in it consisted of: birds, helicopters, clouds, storms, cargo planes and power ups. Each enemy will be worth a different amount of points on death, increasing the players score. Alongside this, each enemy will have a different movement pattern, making the game more unpredictable and less stale. Storms will be an obstacle in which players will have to avoid in order to prevent damage being taken. Clouds are another idea that could be used, drifting across the screen, hiding enemies in order to keep the player on their toes. Power ups will be able to be picked up by the player upon an random enemy death. This grants a random powerful weapon change for limited amount of time. Over all, the group feels as if these ideas will be able to fulfill the player experience goals that were created last week.


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