Week 3

Blog Post 5

This week our group discussed what the games style and mood would be throughout it. After completing a whole list of questions, we were able to condense it down to its simplest parts. We feel as though the free and open mood of the game will fulfill the casual player experience that we are aiming for. The style of the game also helps to create that endless feel from the game. drawing from the players previous experiences of being in the sky and looking at the infinite space in the clouds.

File for mood board: Mood Board

Spatial dimensions: The game is that of a 2D scrolling game that is bounded by the limits of the screen.

Style and Mood: Mood is directly influenced by the stereotypical thoughts of what flight means to people. A  bright open space, where you have the freedom to go where ever you want. A light color and realistic style are used to help create that open feel for the player, drawing on the players memories of the sky.

Period – Location: Earth, modern setting. Location is high above clouds with little visibility of the ground. The game is only outdoors.

Denizens: Aircraft and birds.

Audio: Adventurous background music with an upbeat tempo will be played in the background of the game. Swoosh sounds will also happen at points where clouds appear on screen.





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