Week 3

How many imaginary spatial dimensions does your game require?

The world is that of a 2D landscape, where the player can only move in the traditional four directions (up ,down ,left ,right).

How big is your game world? Is accuracy of scale important?

The size of the game world is the same as the Earth, where the game makes the player feel as if he is travelling all around the world. Scale is important in this game, with the small size and the largeness of the playing screen, it gives the player the sensation of travelling a huge world. This helps to connect the player to the overall feel of the game that is trying to be achieved.

How is your world bounded?

The world itself is bounded by the screen.

Is your game world set in any particular historic period or geographical location? When and where?

This game is set in the present day of 2017, where everything is parallel to our current society. Despite being set in the same time, the game has no specific geographical location. Instead, the game has generic areas that are quite common to players, that are easily distinguished and identified from one another.

Does your game take place indoors or outdoors, or both? If indoors, what are the furnishings and interior décor like? If outdoors, what is the geography and architecture like?

The game that we are creating takes place outdoors, predominantly high in the sky above the clouds. Whilst most of the scenery does consist of clouds, players will be able to see what’s below them at certain points. These can range between green forests, cities or even flying over the ocean. Whilst flying of forests players will see lush areas full of tress and grassy plains.  Cities consist of a metropolis feel, tall sky scrapers with lots of cars moving around on the streets. Oceans will consist of waves, boats and the occasional dolphin. This will create an open feel for the player, that their battle is flying them across the world freely.

Are there any people in your game world? What are they like? If there aren’t any people in the game, what are there instead, and what do they look like and how do they behave?

In the game, there aren’t any people, instead players interact with other aircraft and birds, all of which are enemies. They look the same as air craft that are seen in real life, e.g. cargo planes, jet fighters etc. Their behavior is that of aggression to the player seeing as though they are the enemies of the game.

How will the sounds you use in your game reflect the visual style of the game?

As part of the game, the game will include music whilst the game is being played to stop it feeling stagnant. This music will be of a relaxed nature, with an upbeat tempo to invoke a feeling of adventure from the player. Alongside this, nature sounds will be used also to create that realistic feeling. Clouds will have a wind sound associated with them and birds will squawk whilst on screen. From these sound elements, it will help to create the feel of the player being the ship they are controlling, high above the clouds, off on an adventure.


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