Activity 4: Interactivity and Choice


1. Large plane flying towards the player in a straight line

2. A large group of enemies are coming towards the player

3. A single enemy if flying past of the other side of the screen

4. A small group of powerful enemies are on one side of the screen they are worth a lot of points

5. Many enemies are locked onto the player what should you do?


1. Large high health target heading towards the player

2. Many targets are visible how should you react

3. No other enemies on the screen creates a seemingly safe feel

4. The enemies do a lot of damage however when they are killed you get a large bonus to your point score

5. Target on player with a sound that alerts the player enemies are locked


1. Move your character out of the way for engage with your weapons

2. Shoot into the group to see how many die before trying to avoid any remaining enemies

3. Chase the single target for the extra points or leave it and play safe

4. Fight them for the large reward or avoid them to keep your health

5. fight them back with your weapons while kiting backwards


1. If plane hits player the player takes damage, the player may also shoot at the plane to attempt to kill it

2. If multiple enemies hit the player the player will take massive damage from multiple targets, they may also fight back

3. The enemy is avoiding the player when the player fights it player is rewarded, otherwise player keeps safe

4. They do more damage to the player when the player fights however when they die the player if given bonus points

5. The enemies lock and follow the player until they are killed or kill the player


1. Successful kill rewards the player with points otherwise nothing happens

2. Killing many enemies rewards the player with points if they take damage it is shown on their hp bar

3. If the player kills the unit they are rewarded with points otherwise nothing happens

4. When a player kills a stronger unit the points given are much higher as well as a sounds notifying them

5. Killing them removes the locked symbol and rewards the player with points


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