Week 6

Cycle Activity 2:

(1) The style and mood of this game


 (2) The spatial dimensions, size and boundary of this game world

This game is a about searching for missing person, it’s a first person puzzle game.

The game is set in a small city where includes two parts: the modern uptown area and the countryside area.

The modern uptown area is where the home of the missing person is, there will be contain the information relate to the missing person, such as the reason of their disappearance and where may them be.

The countryside area will be available after the player collect enough clues from the uptown area, it’s the place where the missing person is hiding.


(3) The setting for your game

Short introduction:

You (player) are working in the police department of the City, as a rescue officer that focus on finding missing person.

You and your tracker dog are known as the golden team in the department.

There are many people missing in the city, your job is to finding them with your ‘teammate’.


Use the skills of two playable characters (the rescue officer and the tracker dog) to finding clues and discover the missing person.

There will be time limitation for every quest, if you fail to finding the missing person on time, the missing person will be lost forever, game over.



(4) The representation of people and objects

The rescue officer: playable character, able to use and collect items to solve puzzles, and perform certain action (e.g. walking and opening doors).

The tracker dog: playable character, able to sniff and track the scene of the missing person to finding clues, and perform certain action (e.g. drag, running,  digging).

Collectable items: notes (information left by the missing person/clue), tools (used for solve certain puzzles to move forward).


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