Development Cycle 2 Reflection


Over the course of development cycle two, I feel as if I have gained more insight and experience into what goes on behind the makings of a game. One of the biggest things that I have learnt and realized from this experience, is that a lot of games draw upon real world events. Though it is quite an easy thing  to  identify, that even non-developers can see, I never truly realized it until now. With our search and rescue game, it was inspired by rescue stories and search parties finding missing people. In the brainstorming stage, reading all those new stories, I could easily correlate them to certain games that I had played. Whilst working on Search and Rescue, I realized how heavily a game depends on animation and motion to create an immersive atmosphere for the player. I’m sad to say that my game lacked animations, things like running and moving animations were not included due to lack of time. I feel as if it breaks the immersion of my game and snaps the person back to reality due to the unrealistic movements of the character they control. I can now truly understand why animators are in such high demand when it comes to game companies and organisations. Seeing as though my programming skills seem to be coming along fine when it comes to game design, I should seek out more help when it comes to animation so that my game can feel polished. When it came down to implementing original work, the most satisfying would have to be creating the terrain that the player navigates. The ability to create a large expanse of space, filled with hills, trees and water made me feel like I was actually shaping a game in the image that I wanted. Even though it is quite simple, I never knew how satisfying it would feel just to be able to add a little water to a level.  It gave me a whole bunch of free roam of creativity that I never experienced before in game making. I feel as if there are some ethical issues when it comes to creating an first person experience inspired by events. There comes the issue of glorifying horrific events that could be distasteful and disrespectful to those who lost their lives or were doing their job. In terms of the game that I made, I hope that it does justice to what actual search and rescue officers go through. I tried to keep as serious as necessary in order to not make fun or disrespect the service men and women for find missing people. Although, knowing the internet, there is always someone who is unhappy or insulted by someone else’s work, so it’s hard to please everyone out there.


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