Reflection for Mini-game 2

I had learnt the basic function of the Unity, but I still feel hard to know how to combine them together step by step to make a game prototype. The programing is still hard for me, I had no idea which code should be used in where and when. It made the creation of game prototype really hard for me.

My communication with my teammates was not as much as I should have over the second assignment. I was focused on my other units’ assessments too much due to the urgency of them and ignored many opportunities to communicate with my teammates and better discuss the details of our concept of the game. Compared to last assessment, this type of game was more complex for my team. I should had discuss more about how to work with Unity to them and required their help for I had no idea how to start. My low confident was always get in the way to prevent me ask for help. Next assessment, I should change my attitude toward my teammates and my tutor, and trying to offering my advices whenever possible, whilst asking their advices when I need it. Therefore, our team can learn more effectively to work with each other and complete our work better.



The concept of this game was based on my idea of game in the week 5 workshop. I found the ‘finding missing’ concept interesting to develop. I had many ideas of game narrative about this game, and considered to create a short story of every missing person. For example, the first missing person is under the depression of lost his girlfriend, so he went to the place where they used to be.

However, the lack of time caused my work to be rough and incomplete, and only using the simple concept and design in order to save time. The difficulty of learning the function of Unity caused my low motivation toward the prototype development.



This game is a simple first person puzzle game with not many narrative included. It inspired by the notices of missing person. Through the difficulty of finding missing person while playing this game, I hope people may realize the difficulty of finding missing person in real life and express my respect for the people who focus on this area.


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