Activity 2: Game Look and Feel

By Max Tranter (Post was made by Tim but written by Max)

look and feel

The primary shapes of the game will aim to follow through on the mood of the game, this means the primary shape will be triangles with an accent of circles and square to give the sense of innocence as well as maturity. This War of Mine is very similar in theme given that I have an example below.

this war

In terms of space the goal of the game is to make the player feel like they are constantly under pressure from the game world, given that the space for the player should be limited as if the player was being crushed under the weight of the world. The game world will be set in 1 place most likely a rundown building or dark area where there is little light.

The game is set in war time possibly World War 2 Germany or Poland again to reiterate the theme the player must feel as if they are under constant pressure from a bigger power.

The player, other characters and the game world will be represented in a cold self-orientated state, as many people would in a war their only goal is to survive the winter of their war torn country.

Finally how does this relate to Sally our demographic persona?
The games theme is designed around Sally as a person rather than something that will bring her a short burst of happiness we were aiming for something she can play and discover more of herself. Given the difficulties of growing into adult hood and the difficult decisions many have to make where often someone has to lose out we want a game that parallels that.


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