Play Test Report


Play Test Report Questions:

Does the game create a dark and desolate atmosphere?

1) Very

2) Yes, it was very dramatic

3) Very moody I like it

4) Has a very gloomy feel to it.

5) It is very dark


Are the characters believable (dialogue isn’t out of place)?

1) Dialogue is good

2) Yes, it all made sense

3) all flows well

4) I would believe it

5) It is very back dialogue


Do the characters give enough information about the world?

1) sure do

2) Yes, but confused about the events that take place before this

3) correct information is given

4) Gives some information, context would be nice

5) Some information, not a huge amount.


What aspects did you like the most?

1) the multiple choice

2) The semi free roam

3) the atmosphere and sound effects

4) The ability to explore

5) The character interaction and choices


Is the world interesting?

1) Yes

2) Yes

3) extremely

4) Does seem interesting

5) Yes
Does it feel as if there aren’t many controls or mechanics to explore with? If so, what could be implemented?

1) maybe a crouch

2) No, there are enough controls

3) running

4) I feel the core controls are there.

5) There are enough controls


What kind of changes could be made to improve the game?

1) Need to know that pressing E more than once brings up more dialogue

2) More dialogue options (to unlock more story or character development). Better background for the outside

3) automatic dialogue triggers based on location or actual talking rather than text

4) Have the characters speak rather than text.

5) Increase the number of choices that can be made in terms of story


What kind of additions could be included to add to the game?

1) Maybe telling you what you’re meant to be doing at the start of the game.

2) A brief story at the beginning would be nice

3) A mission brief for each chapter would be useful as well as control instructions

4) More characters to talk to.

5) A bigger place to explore.


Summary of observations

Whilst observing the participants complete the first level of my game, it became quite apparent that it is quite short. Some of the participants decided to rush through the dialogue and obtain what they needed to exit the level. Alongside this, none of the participants were able how to kill the guard, all figuring out how to bribe him instead. It is clear that there needs to be a way to slow down the transition of dialogue and making it more important to read it. The game should aim to have the player figure out all the options weighing up the pro’s and cons of both. Since this is a prototype, these features are not implemented, but will in future.


Summary of Play Test Report

As can be seen from the play test report, the feed back has been mostly positive towards the game. The setting, feel and tone of the game is strongly established through the characters and environment around the player. Some areas to improve on as it seems would to give more information about the world before hand rather than dropping the player into the deep end. Alongside this, players should be able to learn more from NPC’s about the world and what is happening around them. These pieces of feed back will be used in order to try and create a better player experience.



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