Tim Gaskell Reflection:

Throughout this semester, INB100 has offered me the opportunity to delve into all aspects of the game development process. At first, I believed that only a good knowledge of programming is needed to create a game. However, during this time, I was forced to learn about the animation and storytelling side of game development.  After the last few weeks, I began to see how everything is interconnected to each other, that even with a great area of specialty, there still needs to knowledge in the other fields. My team mates helped show me the other technical sides of game design that I had never experience before. This forced look into the other areas of game designed allowed my games to feel more polished and sophisticated compared to what I could make with my prior knowledge.

I would have to say, I have come to learn a lot more into the non-technical skills that goes into the game development process compared to when I first started. At the beginning, I believe that at all is needed to create a game is a key theme and a mechanic or gimmick. Although this is still somewhat true, I now see that there are whole lot of other factors that need to be considered to truly create a great game. Things such as target audience, theme, story, mechanics, features and most importantly, what you want the player to feel and do. Over the 13 weeks, the course helped me learn what needs to be considered and thought about all throughout the design and development of a game. Without these processes, I don’t think the prototypes I submitted throughout the semester would have reached the standard that was expected.

Communication would have to be the most effective strategy that I used to manage my individual and group activities. I believe that the key to a great game development studio is communication and being able to talk to them openly. If people feel comfortable around each other, it is much easier to ask for help and contribute to each other’s work. In my group, I felt very comfortable around my fellow team mates, essentially become friends with them. This made group work much easier, being able to openly express ideas without the fear of judgment.

When it comes to working in a team, there are a lot of responsibilities and ethics that are expected from you as a member. One of the biggest ones would have to be responsibility regarding completing work and your actions. This course gave a firsthand look into this, with my group, Max was always working hard and completing the work needed on time, going out of his way to finish it even if he couldn’t attend class. He was honest and upfront for why he would attend late and would always apologize.  We would all work together to reach a decision that we could agree on so that no one was left out. I know that this is only a university course, but, it hopes that working a fully developed game development studio is like this. This kind of cooperation, collaboration and innovation inside of a game making context is exactly what I want when I get my degree.



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