Activity 4 for Mini-game 3

Game Mechanics, Objects and Rules

Capture the game mechanics for five of the player stories that will be incorporated within your game (task 1):

form 1

2. Describe how these mechanics will appeal to your target audience.

Movement: Because this is a side scrolling game, so the character can only move left and right, very easy to control.
Scenarios to provide challenge: this game encourage player to explore the game world and interact with NPCs freely. It doesn’t have clear game story, player will decide the future of the character by her will. It shares some similarity with Sims 4, player is writing the story for the character, not the game.


3. Capture the details from in your object table (task 2). The table should include the following :
• Object name
• Object purpose
• Object attributes
• Relationship to Other Objects
• Rules, events and effects associated with the object

form 2

form 3

form 4


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