Play Test Report

Goals of Testing

The goal of testing for this game is to get feedback on how the world feels to play in, whether the characters are well written and if they fit in the game world.


The method of testing will be to open the game for the player and give them no information before playing, this way we can see if the game makes sense without outside direction as well as let the player play the way they would with no one watching. After the first play through we give the player more information and ask them to play with certain goals in mind.

Questions and feedback

How does the atmosphere of the game feel?

1 It feels dark and scary

2 feels kind of like a horror game

3 cold and lonely

4 like a cold night

5 very empty and dark


Do you feel like the characters design fit the theme of the world?

1 The main character kind of stood out but the other 2 did for sure.

2 I think they were all fine nothing weird or anything

3 I think the main characters blue really stuck out with a dark background

4 The main characters colour scheme was really a spot of blue in a dark map I get that she is meant to be a doctor but it’s still really bright

5 I think the 2 characters that aren’t the main are really good


Do you feel like the main character has motivation in the game?

1 as far as I can tell

2 yeah I mean she is a mother right

3 If her goal is to save her child yeah

4 Its weak but it’s there

5 Yes to save the child but other than that not really


How does the flow of the game feel?

1 it’s short so I can’t really say on flow

2 it feels fine

3 it was a short game

4 yeah I dunno its not much of a game

5 there was no flow


Do you like the idea of making moral choices in a video game?

1 yeah I feel like this game is a good starting point

2 I do like the idea but I’m not sure how it would work in this game

3 I think making someone question their morality is a cool concept

4 It would be good if this game did that

5 I like the idea but I would like to play it first



After testing I have found that most people find the game world to be good at setting a dark tone for the game however the character design of the main character pulls away from the dark cold theme the world creates. Additionally the players were unable to play through the whole game but had had the script for the dialogue shown to them in order to know if the dialogue would fit the characters, most said it was written well enough but very chicle.



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