Play test Report for Mini-game 3

The goals of play testing:

Understand the impression and enjoyment level of game from play tester’s experience.

Do you consider the interaction with the game world is interesting? What is your emotion reaction toward different choices? How well do you enjoy to play?



Record the feedback of emotion reaction of players while they make different choices toward same challenge. Record the amount of time that they spend in the game.


Question and feedback:

Which choice is being take the most often? Why?

What is the most important reason that keep you play this game?


  • Tester 1:
  1. I choose to save the sick people often.
  2. Cause saving people make me feel good.
  3. To unlock different achievement.

Notes: the moral conflicts of decision of the game is interesting, but there are not many things to play. Game narrative is too less to provide more compassion with the character.


  • Tester 2:
  1. I often choose to ignore the sick people, save money and drug for myself.
  2. Cause saving people feel pointless, it doesn’t affect anything.
  3. To try to survive as long as I could.

Notes: the optional quest is boring without many achievability. Why to complete them if they would cause any change?



  • Tester 3:
  1. I save both the sick people and rival soldiers.
  2. Cause the character’s career is a nurse, I just feel it’s the right thing to do.
  3. To unlock achievements.

Notes: the moral conflicts should be more intense, and decision should be come with consequence, this is the reason why this type of game is popular.


  • Tester 4:
  1. Save the sick people, and accidently kill the rival soldiers.
  2. Save your people and kill your enemies, this should be the right thing to do if you are during a war.
  3. Unlock achievements.

Notes: there should be multiple ways to complete a same quest, kill people with the same method is really boring.


  • Tester 5:
  1. Save the sick people and ignore the rival soldiers.
  2. Don’t want to save my enemies.
  3. Stay alive to see if anything happens.

Notes: the interaction with NPCs is too little.


Most of them play this game over 10 mins, and usually intend to save sick people. Saving people provide them with some achievability. Because of the incomplete of narrative, the outcomes of different decisions didn’t represented in the ongoing game, decrease their positivity of complete optional quests.



Recommendations for improvement:

According to feedback from the play testers, most of them considered the game concept is interesting and attractive. The idea of moral conflicts is really drawing their attention, so does the achievement collection.

However, the choices of the game are very little, interaction with NPCs is always the same, and influences of the results of character’s decision didn’t represented in the game world. There should be more narrative of the game about how the decision of character has affect the character’s own future, such as what happen if she being cold blood and ignoring all the people who ask for her help? What happen if she decides to save both sick people and rival soldiers? Would she be admired for her professional ethics as a nurse? Or being rejected by her own people cause help injury rival soldiers?

Besides, the game environment is too rough, the types of interactive objects are very limited, there should be more objects that can be used to help character achieve or complete her quest, to provide different decision and perspective in order to make the game more challenging.


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