As a beginner of Unity, I learnt the information of build project and use the function of Unity from watch practical videos for each week on blackboard, and in YouTube. Sometimes consults with my friends and group members. Coding scripts in Unity is the most difficult thing for me because I felt hard to understand how the script is working and refer to the objects in Unity. This is one of the main reasons that my works were rough and incomplete.

Through the semester, I had learnt the basic development process of create a mini game, knowing how to develop a simple game concept base on the PX goals and target audiences. Besides, I had more experience with team work and how to communicate with my team members even I am still a bit shy to talk.

Overview the semester, my management plan of works were really bad. My strategies of manage individual and team activities were attend to every workshop if I could and then communicate with my teammates about our notes of answer of activity during the class, keep us update with the development of the game and help each other complete the blog post easier.

Although the communication of my team was not very often, we hadn’t argued with our team work of blog posts. We were taking turn to complete different blog posts for different mini games, everyone is responsible for their blog posts and we always update blog post on the same week that activity in class had done. During our teamwork and communication, we were open to any opinions and ideas of game development, and then combined all the ideas together to create an interesting game.

There are still improvements of my work can be made, I will try to do better next time that working with team.


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