As a beginner of Unity, I learnt the information of build project and use the function of Unity from watch practical videos for each week on blackboard, and in YouTube. Sometimes consults with my friends and group members. Coding scripts in Unity is the most difficult thing for me because I felt hard to understand how the script is working and refer to the objects in Unity. This is one of the main reasons that my works were rough and incomplete.

Through the semester, I had learnt the basic development process of create a mini game, knowing how to develop a simple game concept base on the PX goals and target audiences. Besides, I had more experience with team work and how to communicate with my team members even I am still a bit shy to talk.

Overview the semester, my management plan of works were really bad. My strategies of manage individual and team activities were attend to every workshop if I could and then communicate with my teammates about our notes of answer of activity during the class, keep us update with the development of the game and help each other complete the blog post easier.

Although the communication of my team was not very often, we hadn’t argued with our team work of blog posts. We were taking turn to complete different blog posts for different mini games, everyone is responsible for their blog posts and we always update blog post on the same week that activity in class had done. During our teamwork and communication, we were open to any opinions and ideas of game development, and then combined all the ideas together to create an interesting game.

There are still improvements of my work can be made, I will try to do better next time that working with team.


Play test Report for Mini-game 3

The goals of play testing:

Understand the impression and enjoyment level of game from play tester’s experience.

Do you consider the interaction with the game world is interesting? What is your emotion reaction toward different choices? How well do you enjoy to play?



Record the feedback of emotion reaction of players while they make different choices toward same challenge. Record the amount of time that they spend in the game.


Question and feedback:

Which choice is being take the most often? Why?

What is the most important reason that keep you play this game?


  • Tester 1:
  1. I choose to save the sick people often.
  2. Cause saving people make me feel good.
  3. To unlock different achievement.

Notes: the moral conflicts of decision of the game is interesting, but there are not many things to play. Game narrative is too less to provide more compassion with the character.


  • Tester 2:
  1. I often choose to ignore the sick people, save money and drug for myself.
  2. Cause saving people feel pointless, it doesn’t affect anything.
  3. To try to survive as long as I could.

Notes: the optional quest is boring without many achievability. Why to complete them if they would cause any change?



  • Tester 3:
  1. I save both the sick people and rival soldiers.
  2. Cause the character’s career is a nurse, I just feel it’s the right thing to do.
  3. To unlock achievements.

Notes: the moral conflicts should be more intense, and decision should be come with consequence, this is the reason why this type of game is popular.


  • Tester 4:
  1. Save the sick people, and accidently kill the rival soldiers.
  2. Save your people and kill your enemies, this should be the right thing to do if you are during a war.
  3. Unlock achievements.

Notes: there should be multiple ways to complete a same quest, kill people with the same method is really boring.


  • Tester 5:
  1. Save the sick people and ignore the rival soldiers.
  2. Don’t want to save my enemies.
  3. Stay alive to see if anything happens.

Notes: the interaction with NPCs is too little.


Most of them play this game over 10 mins, and usually intend to save sick people. Saving people provide them with some achievability. Because of the incomplete of narrative, the outcomes of different decisions didn’t represented in the ongoing game, decrease their positivity of complete optional quests.



Recommendations for improvement:

According to feedback from the play testers, most of them considered the game concept is interesting and attractive. The idea of moral conflicts is really drawing their attention, so does the achievement collection.

However, the choices of the game are very little, interaction with NPCs is always the same, and influences of the results of character’s decision didn’t represented in the game world. There should be more narrative of the game about how the decision of character has affect the character’s own future, such as what happen if she being cold blood and ignoring all the people who ask for her help? What happen if she decides to save both sick people and rival soldiers? Would she be admired for her professional ethics as a nurse? Or being rejected by her own people cause help injury rival soldiers?

Besides, the game environment is too rough, the types of interactive objects are very limited, there should be more objects that can be used to help character achieve or complete her quest, to provide different decision and perspective in order to make the game more challenging.

Activity 4 for Mini-game 3

Game Mechanics, Objects and Rules

Capture the game mechanics for five of the player stories that will be incorporated within your game (task 1):

form 1

2. Describe how these mechanics will appeal to your target audience.

Movement: Because this is a side scrolling game, so the character can only move left and right, very easy to control.
Scenarios to provide challenge: this game encourage player to explore the game world and interact with NPCs freely. It doesn’t have clear game story, player will decide the future of the character by her will. It shares some similarity with Sims 4, player is writing the story for the character, not the game.


3. Capture the details from in your object table (task 2). The table should include the following :
• Object name
• Object purpose
• Object attributes
• Relationship to Other Objects
• Rules, events and effects associated with the object

form 2

form 3

form 4

Play Test Report

Goals of Testing

The goal of testing for this game is to get feedback on how the world feels to play in, whether the characters are well written and if they fit in the game world.


The method of testing will be to open the game for the player and give them no information before playing, this way we can see if the game makes sense without outside direction as well as let the player play the way they would with no one watching. After the first play through we give the player more information and ask them to play with certain goals in mind.

Questions and feedback

How does the atmosphere of the game feel?

1 It feels dark and scary

2 feels kind of like a horror game

3 cold and lonely

4 like a cold night

5 very empty and dark


Do you feel like the characters design fit the theme of the world?

1 The main character kind of stood out but the other 2 did for sure.

2 I think they were all fine nothing weird or anything

3 I think the main characters blue really stuck out with a dark background

4 The main characters colour scheme was really a spot of blue in a dark map I get that she is meant to be a doctor but it’s still really bright

5 I think the 2 characters that aren’t the main are really good


Do you feel like the main character has motivation in the game?

1 as far as I can tell

2 yeah I mean she is a mother right

3 If her goal is to save her child yeah

4 Its weak but it’s there

5 Yes to save the child but other than that not really


How does the flow of the game feel?

1 it’s short so I can’t really say on flow

2 it feels fine

3 it was a short game

4 yeah I dunno its not much of a game

5 there was no flow


Do you like the idea of making moral choices in a video game?

1 yeah I feel like this game is a good starting point

2 I do like the idea but I’m not sure how it would work in this game

3 I think making someone question their morality is a cool concept

4 It would be good if this game did that

5 I like the idea but I would like to play it first



After testing I have found that most people find the game world to be good at setting a dark tone for the game however the character design of the main character pulls away from the dark cold theme the world creates. Additionally the players were unable to play through the whole game but had had the script for the dialogue shown to them in order to know if the dialogue would fit the characters, most said it was written well enough but very chicle.


Activity 1 for Mini-game 3

Player Experience Goals

  1. Clear image and/or text that describes your studio’s three initial ideas for the game player experience goals



Social perspectives.


  1. Clear image / text that outlines your two favorite game ideas. Document how they encapsulate a big idea/concept and take into consideration your target audience

(1) Survival video game that likes “This War of Mine”.

Player as one of the survivors of a war, he/she is trying to survive in a chaos city where was badly damaged by the war. To survive, player is required to explore the game world and obtain necessary resources for everyday life. During the exploration, player will be face different events and each event will be able to complete with multiple choices/decisions. However, every choice/decision come with different results and then lead to different endings finally.

(2) Simulation game similar to “SIMS4”.

Player will be play the character who is a 21 year old new graduated student from university. The character is facing the important turning point in his/her life, so that player will need to decide the plan of the future of the character, and different decision will be cause diferent outcomes that affect the development of game story. This is a open game with multiple endings.


Our target audience is Sally, and consider her basic information of game experience, she is enjoying the type of game such as SIMS4. Therefore, the two game concepts are focus on the interaction of character and game world. Every decision that she made will be effect the development of the game and bring out the different results. Such as in SIMS 4, she can decide the future of her character.


  1. Clear image and/or text that describes your studio’s final PX goal for mini-game 3

Courage and compassion.

Courage: We encourage our target audience to making decision and then take responsible for the result of the decision. She should be having courage to face the bad outcome that her decision brings out.

Compassion: Cause our game idea if focus on simulation and highly interactive game, so we hope she may feel compassion for her character, and consider every decision that she made in the game is important.


  1. The reasoning behind the decision, particularly in relation to your shortlisted big ideas and your target audience.

Our target audience is Sally who is 21 years old and very experienced gamer. Our game want to interest her, so the game should be contained elements that can draw her attention into. Because of her favorite game is SIMS 4, so we consider add the element of simulation into our game concepts. Our game concepts focus on decision making, different decision bring out different results, and then lead to different endings finally. Her age is important for the development of game narrative, we choose use mature background and characters in order to increase her substitution of the game.


  1. A list of the type(s) of PX you’re tapping into (i.e. cognitive, physical, social, emotional, creative) Be specific – e.g., cognitive attributes such as visual processing combined with physical challenges related to …

Identity, player should be able to understand the identity of her character and then understand the reason of the character’s decision.

Questioning, player should be questioning how to complete one task from multiple angles.

Social perspectives, the result of character’s decision will affect not only himself but the people around him, so player must consider the influence of her decision from social angle if she wants to achieve the good ending of the game.

  1. A description of why PX of this nature is important in the context of the two game ideas you’ve shortlisted and the target audience.

The PX decides what kind of game that player will be enjoy the most. Looks at the PX of player, knowing the favourite game type of her, then we can analysis the elements that interest her, and knowing how to create a game that she will be enjoy to play.


Tim Gaskell Reflection:

Throughout this semester, INB100 has offered me the opportunity to delve into all aspects of the game development process. At first, I believed that only a good knowledge of programming is needed to create a game. However, during this time, I was forced to learn about the animation and storytelling side of game development.  After the last few weeks, I began to see how everything is interconnected to each other, that even with a great area of specialty, there still needs to knowledge in the other fields. My team mates helped show me the other technical sides of game design that I had never experience before. This forced look into the other areas of game designed allowed my games to feel more polished and sophisticated compared to what I could make with my prior knowledge.

I would have to say, I have come to learn a lot more into the non-technical skills that goes into the game development process compared to when I first started. At the beginning, I believe that at all is needed to create a game is a key theme and a mechanic or gimmick. Although this is still somewhat true, I now see that there are whole lot of other factors that need to be considered to truly create a great game. Things such as target audience, theme, story, mechanics, features and most importantly, what you want the player to feel and do. Over the 13 weeks, the course helped me learn what needs to be considered and thought about all throughout the design and development of a game. Without these processes, I don’t think the prototypes I submitted throughout the semester would have reached the standard that was expected.

Communication would have to be the most effective strategy that I used to manage my individual and group activities. I believe that the key to a great game development studio is communication and being able to talk to them openly. If people feel comfortable around each other, it is much easier to ask for help and contribute to each other’s work. In my group, I felt very comfortable around my fellow team mates, essentially become friends with them. This made group work much easier, being able to openly express ideas without the fear of judgment.

When it comes to working in a team, there are a lot of responsibilities and ethics that are expected from you as a member. One of the biggest ones would have to be responsibility regarding completing work and your actions. This course gave a firsthand look into this, with my group, Max was always working hard and completing the work needed on time, going out of his way to finish it even if he couldn’t attend class. He was honest and upfront for why he would attend late and would always apologize.  We would all work together to reach a decision that we could agree on so that no one was left out. I know that this is only a university course, but, it hopes that working a fully developed game development studio is like this. This kind of cooperation, collaboration and innovation inside of a game making context is exactly what I want when I get my degree.


Play Test Report


Play Test Report Questions:

Does the game create a dark and desolate atmosphere?

1) Very

2) Yes, it was very dramatic

3) Very moody I like it

4) Has a very gloomy feel to it.

5) It is very dark


Are the characters believable (dialogue isn’t out of place)?

1) Dialogue is good

2) Yes, it all made sense

3) all flows well

4) I would believe it

5) It is very back dialogue


Do the characters give enough information about the world?

1) sure do

2) Yes, but confused about the events that take place before this

3) correct information is given

4) Gives some information, context would be nice

5) Some information, not a huge amount.


What aspects did you like the most?

1) the multiple choice

2) The semi free roam

3) the atmosphere and sound effects

4) The ability to explore

5) The character interaction and choices


Is the world interesting?

1) Yes

2) Yes

3) extremely

4) Does seem interesting

5) Yes
Does it feel as if there aren’t many controls or mechanics to explore with? If so, what could be implemented?

1) maybe a crouch

2) No, there are enough controls

3) running

4) I feel the core controls are there.

5) There are enough controls


What kind of changes could be made to improve the game?

1) Need to know that pressing E more than once brings up more dialogue

2) More dialogue options (to unlock more story or character development). Better background for the outside

3) automatic dialogue triggers based on location or actual talking rather than text

4) Have the characters speak rather than text.

5) Increase the number of choices that can be made in terms of story


What kind of additions could be included to add to the game?

1) Maybe telling you what you’re meant to be doing at the start of the game.

2) A brief story at the beginning would be nice

3) A mission brief for each chapter would be useful as well as control instructions

4) More characters to talk to.

5) A bigger place to explore.


Summary of observations

Whilst observing the participants complete the first level of my game, it became quite apparent that it is quite short. Some of the participants decided to rush through the dialogue and obtain what they needed to exit the level. Alongside this, none of the participants were able how to kill the guard, all figuring out how to bribe him instead. It is clear that there needs to be a way to slow down the transition of dialogue and making it more important to read it. The game should aim to have the player figure out all the options weighing up the pro’s and cons of both. Since this is a prototype, these features are not implemented, but will in future.


Summary of Play Test Report

As can be seen from the play test report, the feed back has been mostly positive towards the game. The setting, feel and tone of the game is strongly established through the characters and environment around the player. Some areas to improve on as it seems would to give more information about the world before hand rather than dropping the player into the deep end. Alongside this, players should be able to learn more from NPC’s about the world and what is happening around them. These pieces of feed back will be used in order to try and create a better player experience.