Activity 1 for Mini-game 3

Player Experience Goals

  1. Clear image and/or text that describes your studio’s three initial ideas for the game player experience goals



Social perspectives.


  1. Clear image / text that outlines your two favorite game ideas. Document how they encapsulate a big idea/concept and take into consideration your target audience

(1) Survival video game that likes “This War of Mine”.

Player as one of the survivors of a war, he/she is trying to survive in a chaos city where was badly damaged by the war. To survive, player is required to explore the game world and obtain necessary resources for everyday life. During the exploration, player will be face different events and each event will be able to complete with multiple choices/decisions. However, every choice/decision come with different results and then lead to different endings finally.

(2) Simulation game similar to “SIMS4”.

Player will be play the character who is a 21 year old new graduated student from university. The character is facing the important turning point in his/her life, so that player will need to decide the plan of the future of the character, and different decision will be cause diferent outcomes that affect the development of game story. This is a open game with multiple endings.


Our target audience is Sally, and consider her basic information of game experience, she is enjoying the type of game such as SIMS4. Therefore, the two game concepts are focus on the interaction of character and game world. Every decision that she made will be effect the development of the game and bring out the different results. Such as in SIMS 4, she can decide the future of her character.


  1. Clear image and/or text that describes your studio’s final PX goal for mini-game 3

Courage and compassion.

Courage: We encourage our target audience to making decision and then take responsible for the result of the decision. She should be having courage to face the bad outcome that her decision brings out.

Compassion: Cause our game idea if focus on simulation and highly interactive game, so we hope she may feel compassion for her character, and consider every decision that she made in the game is important.


  1. The reasoning behind the decision, particularly in relation to your shortlisted big ideas and your target audience.

Our target audience is Sally who is 21 years old and very experienced gamer. Our game want to interest her, so the game should be contained elements that can draw her attention into. Because of her favorite game is SIMS 4, so we consider add the element of simulation into our game concepts. Our game concepts focus on decision making, different decision bring out different results, and then lead to different endings finally. Her age is important for the development of game narrative, we choose use mature background and characters in order to increase her substitution of the game.


  1. A list of the type(s) of PX you’re tapping into (i.e. cognitive, physical, social, emotional, creative) Be specific – e.g., cognitive attributes such as visual processing combined with physical challenges related to …

Identity, player should be able to understand the identity of her character and then understand the reason of the character’s decision.

Questioning, player should be questioning how to complete one task from multiple angles.

Social perspectives, the result of character’s decision will affect not only himself but the people around him, so player must consider the influence of her decision from social angle if she wants to achieve the good ending of the game.

  1. A description of why PX of this nature is important in the context of the two game ideas you’ve shortlisted and the target audience.

The PX decides what kind of game that player will be enjoy the most. Looks at the PX of player, knowing the favourite game type of her, then we can analysis the elements that interest her, and knowing how to create a game that she will be enjoy to play.


Activity 2: Game Look and Feel

By Max Tranter (Post was made by Tim but written by Max)

look and feel

The primary shapes of the game will aim to follow through on the mood of the game, this means the primary shape will be triangles with an accent of circles and square to give the sense of innocence as well as maturity. This War of Mine is very similar in theme given that I have an example below.

this war

In terms of space the goal of the game is to make the player feel like they are constantly under pressure from the game world, given that the space for the player should be limited as if the player was being crushed under the weight of the world. The game world will be set in 1 place most likely a rundown building or dark area where there is little light.

The game is set in war time possibly World War 2 Germany or Poland again to reiterate the theme the player must feel as if they are under constant pressure from a bigger power.

The player, other characters and the game world will be represented in a cold self-orientated state, as many people would in a war their only goal is to survive the winter of their war torn country.

Finally how does this relate to Sally our demographic persona?
The games theme is designed around Sally as a person rather than something that will bring her a short burst of happiness we were aiming for something she can play and discover more of herself. Given the difficulties of growing into adult hood and the difficult decisions many have to make where often someone has to lose out we want a game that parallels that.

Activity 3: Gameplay & Player Stories

The core game play for our games will be focused on conversations with characters in the game world and making hard decisions where someone will lose out possibly yourself if you think it’s for the greater good. The game will give you decisions where you have to either help someone by sacrificing something of your or ignoring them to keep that small benefit you have. The game will push the player to make difficult moral decisions however if the player sacrifices themselves too much or ignores all others there will be consequences.

10 player stories

  1. <Playing as nurse> <I help a sick person> but that <cost me $5>
  2. As a <player | nurse> I want <money from helping soldiers> to <helping other sick people> to achieve <a healthy population>
  3. As a <player | nurse> I want <sick person> to <give them drugs> to <help them get better>
  4. As a <player | nurse> I want <to help lots of sick people> to <be a good person>
  5. As a <player | nurse> I want <to be a good person> therefor <I spend my money> to <help the sick that come to me>
  6. As a <player | nurse> I need <money to help the sick> however <I can only earn money from helping the enemy>
  7. As a <player | nurse> have <money> that means now <I can help more sick people>
  8. As a <player | nurse> am in danger<because of helping the sick> however <I think its morally right to help them>
  9. As a <player | nurse> I am rewarded <with a medal> because of <all the sick people I have>
  10. As a <player | nurse> I want <to survive> in order to <I need money> so that <when I earn enough I can escape>

Sally is a girl who is just entering adulthood and therefor has a lot to discover about living on her own making hard life choices etc. Because of the focus on self-discovery we wanted to make games that make the player choose between many different moral choices small and large, these decisions are what will captivate Sally and many players like her.

Story 1 – this story focuses on the sacrifice of one’s self in order to help someone less fortunate than you, this story will interest Sally because she will have to question herself “is helping someone worth giving up my money when I don’t know them”?

Story 6 – This is similar to the last story in the way that it makes Sally question herself, if she wants to help the sick she needs the money which she can only get from doing something morally the opposite or she could take the money she earns from helping the enemy and use it for herself.

Story 10 – focused on money again Sally will need to question her morals and whether they are worth giving up on in order for her own survival.

All three of these stories are focused on questioning your own morals as we have identified Sally as someone who is entering a new stage of her life she will have to make these decisions as well as understand her own morals and what really worth holding onto and knowing when to let go of something for the greater good.