Cycle 1 Submission

Max Tranter (n9506659)

Prototype: Click


1. Hessburg – Stealth Bomber: I used this asset as the main players character model.

2. StarSparrow – These models were fantastic i used them for all the enemies as they provided examples of fully built high quality planes/jets.

3. Wispy Sky – I used this for the sky box however it didn’t turn out great but it is still in the game.

4. Explosion System – This asset was used for the death effect of the enemies and player as well the the sound effect played on death.

5. When I had issues with code I found most of my solutions through unity forums and on the odd occasion a YouTube tutorial.

Play Test Report: Playtesting report

Reflective Blog: IGB100 Reflection


Cycle 1 Submission

Tim Gaskell 

Prototype : Here


  1. 3Le Low Poly Cloud Pack: I used their 3D model of a cloud inside the game.
  2. Action Music Pack: They provided the background music of the game
  3. AEgis_Technologies: Provided the 3D model of the helicopter enemy in the game.
  4. Area 730: Provided the 3D models of the cargo plane, fighter and player models.
  5. FuturisticWeaponsSet: Was used for the shooting sound effect for the player
  6. sky5X: Provided the sky box which is used for the background of the game.
  7. This post helped create the movement pattern of the helicopter enemy
  8. Unity tutorials provided code for the gaming UI and score

Play Test: Play Testing Results

Reflective Blog: Reflection