Week 5

Cycle 2. Blog Post 1:

1. Clear image and/or text that describes your studio’s initial ideas for the game player experience goals

Initial PX Goals:

  • To be constructive in the world around them
  • To have players experiment with the world around them, trying to figure out how to achieve their goal.
  • To create a happy game experience with non-serious game play
  • To create an open feeling  with non linear solutions that require thinking.

2. Clear image and/or text that outlines your two favourite game ideas

  • Finding items from around an area and trying to survive in zombie Apocalypse setting
  • A game in which the objective is to find a missing person somewhere on the map.

3. Clear image and/or text that describes your studio’s PX goal for mini-game 2

  • To have players experiment with the world around them, trying to figure out how to achieve their goal.

4. The reasoning behind the decision, particularly in relation to your shortlisted game ideas

  • We wanted to shy away from the typical first person shooter genre for our second assignment. First person shoots are over done and didn’t inspire us too much. With this PX goal, there is a whole lot more freedom to be creative with game mechanics and the world that the player engages in.

5. A list of the type(s) of PX you’re tapping into (i.e. cognitive, physical, social, emotional, creative) Be specific – e.g., cognitive attributes such as visual processing combined with physical challenges related to …

The main type of PX that we will be using is that of the Creative side. We want the player to feel as if they are free to solve the problem as they choose, using their creativity as much as they want. Ideally, the player will experiment with elements of the world in order to reach their goal. They will question and construct solutions based on the world and use of game mechanics.

The other type of PX that will be used is that of the Cognitive side. The players will have to analyse the world around them, figuring out how the game mechanics can achieve their goal.

6. A description of why PX of this nature is important in the context of the two game ideas you’ve shortlisted

We don’t want to create a game that is simple and straight forward, that the player can get to point A to point B. These goals are important because we want to make the player feel as if they are a part of that world, that they can impact it. Alongside this, we want players to feel satisfied with the game play that is presented, allowing them to play the way they want.


Week 5

Class Work, Activity One:

Top 5 Ideas:

  • Drive recklessly and get as many fines as possible
  • Try to block as many people from getting to their train.
  • Zombie apocalypse: grab stuff from around town and survive.
  • To be a cyclone and destroy as much as possible (god maybe)
  • Find a missing person.

Duck Hunt:

  • Reflexes
  • Anticipation
  • Visual processing
  • Coordination


  • Experimenting
  • Analysing
  • Joy
  • Constructing


  • Fear
  • Anticipation
  • Visual processing
  • Interpreting

Our Top Two Ideas:

Zombie apocalypse

Finding Missing person

The over arching player experience goal will be experimenting with the level.

The main PX areas that we will be using are:

Create, cognitive and emotional